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Just a few of our fantastic reviews:

"Steve Tomkins qualified as a first-generation UC instuctor and comes highly recommended!" Lee Morrison - Founder, Urban Combatives

"I can't recommend Steve T highly enough!" Tom Flint, Kembativs Instructor & UC Instructor

"Steve has a wide range of knowledge and experience in combatives. He is also good at passing this knowledge on, is very welcoming with a great sense of humour. I can't recommend him highly enough". Lee Peterson, Founder - Urban Self Protection

"I recently started training with this class and i can honestly say that  Steve is the best instructor that I've ever trained under.  Steve's  friendly down to earth approach, his attention to detail and his wealth  of experience make for a great club.  Everyone at the club is very  friendly - i certainly received a warm welcome on my first session.  We  are all there to learn Self-Defence in an ever more hostile world where  sometime rules do not apply and our training reflects this." J.Walsh, student

"Fantastic self-defence class with a great instructor Steve Tomkins.
After years of doing various martial arts, I was missing one key point  that I have never even considered  (identifying risks and assessing environment). The class was an eye-opener for me.  I learned a lot  from my first lesson and now feel more confident should a real life  occurrence happen. Highly recommend and the most friendly club you  could come across, you are all considered equal because there is no  grading system, so taking away the big headed ego of usual martial arts  classes." Darren, student

"Highly recommended!" John Bowman, USP Instructor

"Highly recommend Steve Tomkins,  great guy easy to get on with and a very good instructor aswell, since  day one I've really enjoyed going, great group of lads to train with  aswell." Steve Webb, student

"Steve is an excellent reality based instructor. Definitely check it out". Mike Reed, student

"I have been attending a woman's self defence class for the last 3 week  to learn basic skills and it's the best thing I have done it's made me  feel so much more confidence, the classes are amazing learn so much in  every class and still really fun." Crystal, student

"Doing self defence lessons with Steve and Richard was the best decision  I've made! Every week we learn new techniques, build confidence, and  have such a good laugh doing it. Would recommend 100% to anyone  considering doing this!" Ellen, student

"What Steve doesnt know about combatives isn't worth knowing." Magda, assistant female instructor

Better to know it and not need it, than to need it and not know it
DBS checked & approved. Fully insured
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