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Training - combatives training

This picture and tag line summarises the Combative mindset in action

"Martial arts are something you do with somebody. Combatives is something you do to somebody, or on somebody"
Combatives expert - Kelly McCann

Our weekly adult class trains every Wednesday 6:45 - 8.00pm. Our central training venue is located in the tranquil village of Dalwood - situated between Axminster and Honiton in East Devon.

No monthly fees, no belts no bullshit, just turn up and train. NO ONE GETS TO WATCH, if you turn up you're training!

Private lessons available on request.

Full-force Combatives' methods of counter-violence have been rigorously tested both inside and outside the gym and dojo. The skills we teach have been learned and distilled in order to make them accessible to most people. Our self-protection skills are direct, powerful and easily recalled under duress. Our counter-weapons programme has been borne out of real-life gun and knife scenarios both in the UK and abroad - including military operations.

Our counter-knife programme has been distilled from the best tried an tested real-life information and skills available - it is fast, effective and brutal to deal with a real threat to life situation.

The physical aspect only makes up one facet of our curriculum - which must be addressed should we have no other option and escape is impossible. The other facet is a set of personal security measures. These consist of various cognitive skills that enable you to be aware of and in tune with your environment - with the aim of spotting potential trouble before it develops - giving you the priority option to avoid and escape, which is almost always the best option.  
We also address the psychology of violence. Helping students to understand how to cope with fear, stress, panic and adrenaline - as these can have a debilitating effect on our ability to operate effectively under stressful conditions.
Unlike Martial Arts, we only deal with real life street encounters and threats to our person, and in developing the attributes necessary to deal with the same. We don't train in any methods that cant be used outside the gym should we have no other choice, and escape is impossible.
There are no Kata, forms or sporting applications of any kind. Everything is tested under pressure - so what is passed on to the student has the highest probability of success.

If you have a lifetime of self-defence/martial arts experience or none at all come and train with us and open your eyes to the real-world civilian self-protection that is Combatives! Speedily learn techniques that have been taught to Special Forces operatives such as the SAS and Navy SEALS. Learn how to deal with fear and adrenaline, and how to summon up and control aggression. Whether you have to deal with a bully, road rage, multiple attackers, or a home invasion, our system covers all these areas. You will also learn how to protect a third-party such as a child or loved one while fending off an attack.



Better to know it and not need it, than to need it and not know it
DBS checked & approved. Fully insured
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